lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

Zion Train - Live As One

1) Boxes and Amps feat Dubdadda(perch/fullwood/johnson)
2) Audrey and June (perch/fullwood)
3) Life That I Choose feat YT (perch/hull/fullwood)
4) What A Situation
feat Raiz and Tippa Irie(perch/harzmann/henry/della volpe)
5) Moha (perch/fullwood)
6) Tribute To Keng Keng (perch/fullwood)
7) Forward ever feat Lua (perch/berk/fullwood)
8) Edelweiss Piraten (perch/fullwood)
9) Give Me Good Sensi feat Earl 16 (perch/fullwood/daley)
10) Terror Talk feat Dubdadda (perch/fullwood/johnson)
11) Animus Mundi (perch/fullwood)
12) Live As One feat Lua (perch/fullwood/berk)
13) Why feat Marlene Johnson (perch/fullwood/johnson)
14) Hibakusha song (perch/fullwood)
15) Baby Father feat YT (perch/hull/fullwood)
16) Bloodlines feat Dubdadda (perch/fullwood/johnson)


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