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Zion Train - Live As One Remixed (2009)


1)Alambic Conspiracy – Why
Remixed by Paolo Baldini in Pordenone, Italy

2)Dub Creator – What A Situation
Remixed by Dub Creator in the Netherlands dc@dubcreator.com

3)Rob Smith – Boxes and Amps
Remixed by Rob Smith in Bristol, England www. myspace. com/dubrockers

4)Digital Dubs – Baby Father baile step mix
remixed by Marcus "MPC" in Muzambinho studio, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

5)Vibronics – Boxes and Amps
Remixed by Steve Vibronics in Leicester, England

6)Brain Damage – Give Me Good Sensi
Remixed by Brain Damage in St Etienne, France
http://www. myspace. com/braindamagedub

7)What A Situation - De Niro
Remixed by Roberto Nirino in Torino, Italy

8)RDK Sound System – Boxes and Amps (Do you love the soundsystem rmx)
Remixed by Jadranko Kerekovic, Tomislav Vrkljan and Vanja Ohnec
in Zagreb/Croatia

9)Weeding Dub – Baby Father
remix by Weeding Dub (France)
www. myspace. com/weedingdub

10)Professor Skank – Life that I Choose
Remixed by Stefanos Paterakis in Crete, Greece

11)Dubsync – Baby Father
Remixed by the Dub Sync,dubbed by Madaski @ Dub the Demon recording studio, Turin, Italy

12)Studio As One – Terror Talk
Remixed by Jarek "Smok" Smak" & Mario Activator in Warsaw, Poland

13)BungaloDub – Why
Remixed by Dukas for Invasion records, DF Mexico

14)Dub Terror – Boxes and Amps
Remixed by Simone Lombardi in London, England

15)Digital & Lutin – Terror Talk
Remixed by Digital & Lutin in Ipswich, www.myspace.com/ukdigital


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